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Father Mike says, "Looking for the one is a misunderstanding of what marriage is supposed to bemarriage is the place where good people go to die - to themselves out of love for someone else.". However, the answer is also "Yes.". Yes there is the one - and His name is Jesus Christ. He is the perfect lover, friend, and confidant.
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Short YouTube videos with Father Mike Schmitz! Join our small group for a casual, interactive discussion. We will address questions many of us have, but only our millennials are willing to ask. Bring your favorite coffee or soda, and a friend! QUESTIONS: Contact Annette Bergamini 502-491-8535 x 28 or [email protected] Read more.

nvidia mouse lag Today, Fr. Mike explains the Church’s teaching on Sunday Mass obligation, and why this is the way that God has asked u ‎Show The Fr.Mike Schmitz Catholic Podcast, Ep Do I Have to Go to Mass?Sunday Obligation Explained - Oct 28, 2021. Sep 19, 2020 · Preparing for Lent. In this video, Fr.Mike explains how prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are the three pillars of.
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  • Fr. Mike's Homilies. 8,361 likes · 273 talking about this. Let the Word of God, preached and explained, touch and change us, so that we also become instruments for the salvation of souls and the...
  • Today, Fr. Mike discusses the greatest gift God has ever given man: himself. Christ offered his body at the Last Supper, he sacrificed it on the Cross, and he continues to give himself to us at each and every Mass. Fr. Mike explains the shocking reality of what it means to eat Jesus' body and drink Jesus' blood.
  • By Fr. Mike Schmitz , Ascension Presents - This talk is difficult for Fr. Mike to give, but sadly, it is also necessary. Since the Pennsylvania Report was released, practically every headline with the word "Catholic" in it has been about the report, which gives accounts of three hundred priests who a ... Fr. Lankeit's Homily</b> for Aug. 19.
  • The simple answer is no. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith recently issued updated guidelines regarding what can and cannot be done to the ashes of deceased loved ones. One of the guidelines include keeping the ashes intact after cremation. Simply put, ashes should not be separated or scattered and they must be contained in an.
  • A popular author, speaker, and podcast host, Fr. Mike has helped thousands of people draw closer to God through his inspiring homilies and stories. Read more "Filled with wisdom and keen spiritual insight, A World Undone breathes hope into darkness by showing you how trusting God changes your fear into courage and your hesitations into boldness.